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You can choose a building and choose a particular floor in which you want to know more about individual apartments and their availability by hovering the mouse cursor. See the pricelist for a complete overview.

About project

Klamovka Gardens...

... find your dream home in the dynamically developing part of Smíchov. Stay close to the center, have Anděl few steps from your house, and enjoy a relaxing in the parks nearby your home.

Keep a school for your children or post office for easy mailing at your house. For all cases you will have also near the hospital. If you do not want to cook, there are many restaurants and if you will miss something in your household or wardrobe, you can go easily to some of the many shops which will be in the immediate proximity.

If you like culture, you can go to the nearby multiplex cinemas as well as to the various theaters.

...a great investment in a beautiful living...

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